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Foam Parties for Rent

Foam Party FUN!

Professional delivery to Spring, TX and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area.

We offer a variety of different foam party packages. Are you looking for something different? Foam parties are quickly gaining popularity in our area! Wow your guests with this new foam craze! It is fun for ALL ages! Our foam party rental is sure to be a huge hit and will have your guests raving about how much fun it was!

  • Our foam is bio-degradable. It will not hurt your yard and it is safe for humans, pets, and the environment.
  • The foam is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and non-staining, so it will not irritate the skin or eyes. Some parents prefer the use of goggles as an extra precaution.
  • No clean-up! After the party- the remaining foam will dissolve on its own!
  • Great for small and large crowds.
  • Must have water and electricity access within 100 feet of your party area. We provide the hose and cords and all equipment.
  • We will come out, and set everything up. We also provide the lights, music, and run the cannon for you!
  • Can be held outside or inside. Inside set-ups will involve a lot of prep work on your part to cover the floors and outlets. An outdoor foam party is an ideal environment with a lot less work to prepare the area.
  • Our parties may run over if there is extra foam remaining.
  • Our foam cannon is the best in the industry. It offers coverage up to a 40' x 40' area and can stack as high as 9' tall. We use a special solution made exclusively for our cannon so that we ensure we get the best output!

******You may request additional time for a longer foam experience!